Our various Savvy appearances in the press.

RTBF / What a time - 25/01/2021

Trait Déco is definitely on TV a lot.
In the programme "Quel Temps", we had the opportunity to highlight our work: upcycling of office furniture, interior design, ecological building sites, ...
And our partnerships! Hi Recy-k.
All this against a backdrop of eco-responsibility, circular economy, sustainable development and recovery, all subjects that are close to our hearts and that make up the DNA of Trait Déco.

CIRCLE MADE HUB - 04/03/2024

Circularity takes centre stage at Belgium Beer World


Have you ever visited the Belgian Beer World museum shop at the Bourse?
Last year, we had the honour of winning the public contract to fit out the site.
In a very short space of time, we took on the challenge of fitting out a large space in the basement of the stock exchange on a limited budget.
To create a temporary and eco-responsible installation, we opted to use recycled plastic beer crates, stacking them like Legos.
We also collaborated with L'Ouvroir (an adapted work company) to create cushions for the relaxation area, made from the tarpaulin from the Bourse works.
This development has had a very low impact on the environment, saving 18,790 kg of CO2 in the manufacture of new furniture.


In this podcast, discover the world of work in our company Savvy Interior (Ex-Trait Deco)specialising in eco-responsible interior architecture and eco-design. 

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Channel Z - 09/12/2020

Focus on our Recy-K business incubator
This report on canalZ, presents our partner Recy-k, THE regional platform dedicated to the circular economy.
Recyk welcomes companies from all walks of life with one thing in common:
to develop a project that transforms waste into new resources. It was therefore obvious for Trait Déco to be part of it.

RTBF / AOC - 04/03/2021

What a week!
It ends in beauty with a great report on Tipik - so we change, the activity of Trait Déco. Thanks to Gwenaëlle Dekegeleer and her wonderful professional team for their trust. Thank you to my family and my team for their commitment to this crazy challenge of the circular economy.

BX1 / Le 18h - 10/02/2021

Focus on our operation "revalorization and distribution of office chairs" for work and school at home in good conditions.
We collected about 100 office chairs that were ready to be thrown away, but were still in good condition.

Lively - 30/11/2020

We are in the 1st issue of LIVELY, the webmagazine of the circular economy in the Brussels region is online >>.
Thank you Dan Sense for this great article, and for the picture of our Oslo armchair for sale on our online shop >>.

Know How - 03/12/2020

Deco idea - 12/04/2020

UCM - 11/12/2019

Metro - 27/10/2018

Metro - 28/03/2021