The creation professional space planning designed to well-being of your teams is an essential element of retention of your staff.
We will accompany us from A to Z.
Each space is unique.

Your needs

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Do you need to reduce the carbon footprint of your company's activity before 2030?

Would you like to be supported in this transition?

Do you want to be sure that you are working with a reliable and experienced partner?

You wish to create design of professional spaces on a human scale with a healthy environment,

  • inviting conviviality, 
  • responding to the spirit of the company (your DNA) 
  • and productivity incentives?

If you find one or more questions you have, then we need to help you!
We will let's help you become a player in tomorrow's economy (exemplary renovation)


Through effective management of your budget
By carrying out your work by local companies and environmentally friendly materials?

To achieve a renovation project eco-exemplary 
To show your commitment to your customers and employees. 


Definition spatial and temporal needs according to the New Way of Working method


Low waste generation by reusing materials and furniture that can be recycled


Increased adoption of the project by the involvement of employees in the planning process


Reduction of the ecological footprint by the purchase of local products


Effective decision making thanks to the creation of a complete study file


Consideration of the organisational and architectural context


Eligibility for the Ecodynamic company label

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Aménagement d'espaces écoresponsables pour restaurant avec Savvy

1. Waste" management and recovery

- Census in situ materials

- Selection of materials for reuse

- Selection of recycling channels for the disposal of materials

Savvy a différents services d'aménagement et est expert en aménagement éco-responsable d'espaces privés tels que salon, chambre, salle TV

2. Study of the eco-responsible renovation project

- Audit spaces designed according to the New Way of Working method

- Study of the circulation and occupation of spaces

- Definition of the aesthetic universe (moodboard)

- Creation quantity surveys, plans and 2D and 3D views

- Estimate of budget

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3. Implementation of the eco-responsible renovation project

- Submission of the bill of quantities with companies and subcontractors.

- Collection of offers and price analysis.

- Site management and coordination of the trades.

aménagements d'espaces professionnels

4. Ecodesign and upcycling

- Analysis of equipment requirements

- Study available material deposits

- Creation of prototypes

- Going into production with local subcontractors

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Consultancy and training

In addition to the design of professional spaces, we have been offering, for the past ten years, the following services numerous training courses on eco-responsibility awareness throughout the country (in French and Dutch) to :

  • buyers,
  • facility managers,
  • interior designers,
  • architects...

The proposed topics are :

  • Upgrading of materials
  • Use natural products in the finishing process (insulation, paints, coatings, floors, etc.)
  • Reading of data sheets Avoiding greenwashed products
  • Upcycling
  • Teambuilding

Some feedback


By working with SAVVY, you can be sure of working with a reliable and experienced partner who will guide you step by step towards the circular economy. This will ensure that your model project fully meets the carbon footprint reduction target well before the 2030 deadline. As an exemplary company, your employees will be happy to work in healthy and quality spaces.