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Our services

Savvy a différents services d'aménagement et est expert en aménagement éco-responsable de bureaux et espaces professionnels

Eco-responsible design
professional spaces

Savvy a différents services d'aménagement et est expert en aménagement éco-responsable d'espaces privés tels que salon, chambre, salle TV

Eco-responsible design
of particular spaces

Our expertise

SAVVY by its long-standing presence on the Belgian markethas of avant-garde know-how in eco-responsible interior design.

We use as much new technologies (laser cutting, CNC...) that theMore traditional and artisanal techniques for the reuse of natural materials and products (wood treatments and natural paints).

In addition to our in-house team, we work with with local qualified subcontractors. We also apply for and guarantee the work of adapted work companies (intellectual or physical disability).

We have a workshop for the development of prototypes and the creation of furniture and decorative accessories located in the Brussels region; We we create standard or made-to-measure furniture depending on your project.


pexels anna nekrashevich 6204261 scaled - SavvyWe let's recover the materials or products whose you no longer have the use in order to transform and personalise them into furniture or decorative objects from superior quality or utility.


Our commitments

Increase the enthusiasm of your teams by involving them in a participatory project development and renovation of your workspace.

Supporting your investment in healthy designresponsible and committed to in a reasoned and cost-effective manner.

Integrate gradually your company in the circular economy.

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